Practical Techniques for Habitat and Wildlife Management


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Practical Techniques for Habitat and Wildlife Management


Author: Coetzee
Format: Paperback
Published: May 2016

The techniques and methods described in this book are a collection of the work and experience of a great many farmers, conservation area managers, researchers and others responsible for habitat and wildlife management. They range from basic practical methods like the details of water point construction, permeable fences and dealing with tick infestations to the more technical aspects of habitat impact monitoring, wildlife observation recording, collecting reference specimens and drawing up management plans.

The described techniques provide a foundation for further improvement and modification because each situation or application is different, and the prescriptions and methods must be “moulded” to suit the particular requirement. The book has universal appeal as it deals with issues relevant to land managers and owners wherever they may be and whatever they may be managing, be it livestock, wildlife or natural habitats.

The book is an easy to use reference as it is illustrated with over 200 detailed drawings, photographs and maps.

A percentage of the sale price of this book will be donated to the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa to be used for Game Guard training and anti-poaching projects.

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