African Apiaceae


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African Apiaceae


Author: Wyk/Tilney/Magee
Format: Hardback

The Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) of sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar have remained scientifically poorly known despite their critical importance in understanding the early evolutionary history of the family. This scientific review gives a bird’s eye view of the morphological and anatomical diversity of the family in Africa and Madagascar. The book is aimed at helping botanists, ecologists and conservationists to identify the remarkable African members of the family. It will hopefully also inspire the younger generation of botanists to expand our knowledge of the family. It is likely that more exciting discoveries still await us.

  • The book provides an introduction to the structural diversity in the family and gives the correct botanical terminology, especially for the interesting fruits (schizocarps) that are typical of the family.
  • Descriptions and illustrations for all 77 genera and 368 known species are provided, as well as a key to the genera.
  • Introductory chapters focus on habit (growth form) and roots, leaves, synflorescences, flowers, fruits, chromosome numbers, pollinators, chemistry, plant uses, and phylogenetic relationships of African Apiaceae.
  • Includes a checklist of the Apiaceae of sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar as well as an extensive list of references

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