Acquatic and Wetland Plants


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Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Southern Africa


Author: van Ginkel/Cilliers
Format: Hardcover

Aquatic and Wetland Plants of southern Africa is the most comprehensive identification guide to the aquatic and wetland plants of southern Africa. The book aims to conceptualise the importance of aquatic and wetland plants in the aquatic and transitional zone environment where they are found, and includes scientifically accurate descriptions on 690 species within 91 plant families, illustrated with more than 2 000 full-colour photographs.


  • An introductory chapter on the importance and functioning of the aquatic and wetland habitat types.
  • The plants are divided in habitat type, covering ferns, monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants.
  • Each species page contains a summarised description, a distribution map, available measurements of characteristic plant parts, flowering times, habitat preferences, general information, known medicinal properties and potential lookalike plants.
  • Scientifically correct plant names and historical synonyms.
  • Origin of the plantnames, which often include characteristics of the plant.
  • All available common names of the aquatic and wetland plants in indigenous languages.
  • Icons that enable the reader to easily identify habitat, indigenous or alien status, weed status and red data status.

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