Photo Guide To The Wildflowers Of South Africa


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Photo Guide To The Wildflowers Of South Africa


Author: Manning
Format: Softback

South Africa has a rich flora of around 19 000 different wild flower species. For those who wish to know more about South Africa’s wild flowers this very richness poses its own problems. Most fl ower guides cover little more than small stretches of the country and the others include too few species to be of much use. Photo Guide to the Wild flowers of South Africa aims to overcome these defi ciencies. Carefully conceived to cover those wild flowers that are most likely to attract attention, this countrywide guide includes nearly 900 of the most common and conspicuous wildfl owers that occur in South Africa and the neighbouring countries of Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia.

The English edition has been fully updated to reflect recent taxonomic changes. This book is now also for the first time available in Afrikaans.

  • An easy-to-use format divides the country into three main wildfl ower regions, Grassland and Savannah, Fynbos and Namaqualand, grouping the species into each region.
  • Each of the almost 900 species is illustrated and described, with information on its common and scientifi c names, habitat, distribution map, flowering times and local uses.
  • An ingenious quick guide helps the reader to narrow down the options at a glance.
  • Similar species are placed together to aid comparison and the concise text highlights their differences.
  • Authored and illustrated by professionals with wide experience in producing guidebooks, Photo Guide to the Wild flowers of South Africa is the key to unlocking South Africa’s wild flower heritage.

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