Veld Management


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Veld Management In South Africa


Author: Tainton
Format: Hardback
Published: October 1999

eld Management in South Africa is a synthesis of research in production and management since the inception of grassland science as an agricultural science in the 1930s.

All the ecological regions are covered extensively, but the main emphasis is on the three biomes (the grassveld, savanna and karoo) which produce the bulk of the forage supporting the domestic livestock, conservation and the game farming industries. The book has an audience beyond the borders of South Africa in the grassland and savanna areas which stretch through southern and central Africa.

The text is aimed at students concerned with the management of natural ecosystems and also livestock producers and game ranchers who rely on the veld to feed their animals. The text throughout emphasises the interpretation and application of research results to the practical situation.

All major aspects of veld production and management are covered in this book. It outlines the physiological and ecological principles on which management is based and presents management options based on these underlying principles.

The contributors to this book collectively represent a formidable component of the expertise available on issues related to veld management in South Africa. They are veld and animal production researchers, conservation managers and planners working both at a practical level with livestock and game farmers, and at the more theoretical level as teachers at colleges and universities.

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