Saklys van Suider-Afrikaanse Inheemse Bome


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Saklys van Suider-Afrikaanse Inheemse Bome


Author: von Dürckheim/van Wyk/van den Berg/Coates Palgrave/Jordaan
Format: Paperback

Since 1966 this concise list of southern African indigenous trees has been an indispensable companion for anybody interested in the diverse tree flora of the region. This fifth edition of the Pocket List has been updated to take into consideration recent advances in the classification and naming of trees. Included are 1 666 tree entries, most of these illustrated, covering all trees indigenous to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. Indices of scientific names and synonyms, common names in several local languages, and standard tree numbers facilitate information retrieval. Updated distribution maps reflect the occurrence of the trees in the subcontinent, whilst symbols indicate their conservation status.

The Saklys/Pocket List exists of six indexes:

  • Index 1 contains 1 666 species and infraspecific taxa with their distribution maps, scientific names, FSA tree numbers, Afrikaans and English common names, illustrations, and icons depicting conservation status
  • Index 2 contains the Afrikaans and English common names in alphabetical order
  • Index 3 contains the indigenous common names in alphabetical order
  • Index 4 contains synonym scientific names
  • Index 5 contains the FSA tree numbers in numerical order
  • Index 6 contains the scientific family name with the corresponding Afrikaans and English common name

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