Soils Of South Africa


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Soils Of South Africa


Author: Fey
Format: Hardback
Published: February 2010

Soils of South Africa is the first book in seventy years that provides a comprehensive account of South African soils. The book arranges more than seventy soil forms into fourteen groups and then provides, for each group:

  • maps showing their distribution and abundance throughout South Africa
  • descriptions of morphological, chemical and physical properties
  • a detailed account of classification and its correlation with international systems
  • a discussion of soil genesis which includes a review of relevant research papers
  • appraisal of soil quality from a land use perspective as well as for its ecological significance
  • illustrative examples of soil profiles with analytical data and accompanying interpretations. 

There is also a fascinating account of the special relationship that exists between South African animals and soil environments. Soils of South Africa should interest students and researchers in the earth, environmental and biological sciences, as well as environmental practitioners, farmers, foresters and civil engineers.

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