Roberts Geographic Variation


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Roberts Geographic Variation


Author: Chittenden/Allan/Weiersbye
Format: Paperback
Published: August 2012

The John Voelcker Bird Book Fund (JVBBF) is proud to publish Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds, an illustrated version of aspects dealt with under the subject of Geographic Variation in the large handbook tome Roberts Birds of Southern Africa 7th ed. Worldwide, this is the first field guide to attempt to comprehensively illustrate the varied plumages that are exhibited by the region’s birds. Although sometimes a camouflage and defence mechanism against predation, many other factors contribute to plumage variation and it is hoped that this guide will stimulate the reader’s interest in this complex subject so that we can further our knowledge on various subspecies, a concept that was brought to the fore a little over 100 years ago. The colour maps (courtesy of Guy Upfold), are a guide to the distribution of the subspecies; included too are the meaning of scientific names (Etymology). This information, together with 105 annotated plates illustrated by the exceptional talent of Ingrid Weiersbye, makes this guide essential for both beginner and expert birders.

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