Droppings, Dung and Scats of Southern African Wildlife


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Droppings, Dung and Scats of Southern African Wildlife

Author: Gutteridge
Format: Softback
Published: November 2023

One of the keys to understanding the life of the bush is through identifying the droppings of wild animals. Whether you call it scat, poop, spraint, tath or fewmets, the presence of a pile of this stuff on the garden lawn, a pathway through the veld or on the windshield of your car, will lead to the question of who left it there. In this book you will find images and identification hints for these faecal deposits of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and even insect, mollusc and arachnid life. Ideal as a handbook in the bush, staying in a game park or in the collection of a wildlife researcher, this book is a wonderful aid and resource.


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