Capture Care And Management Of Wildlife


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Capture Care and Management of Wildlife

Author: La Grange
Format: Hardcover
Published: 2006

Game capture is still a relatively new science, with little published data on species’ requirements in terms of logistics and the level of stress with which they can cope. Knowledge has mostly been gained through field experience, which is often jealously guarded. Most books cover the subject briefly, presenting only a collective overview. By contrast, this book may be the first publication detailing current capture techniques and related animal behaviour.

1 Ethical considerations in the management of wildlife

2 Planning a capture operation

3 Drugs for the capture of wildlife

4 Delivery systems for chemical capture

5 General darting procedures and other non-mass capture techniques

6 Mass capture techniques

7 Capture and management of large herbivores

8 Capture of large and small plains game

9 Carnivores

10 Transportation of animals and specialised equipment

11 Vehicles and specialised loading equipment

12 The choice and use of helicopters as a capture tool

13 Loading, transportation and unloading of wild animals

14 Bomas and temporary holding facilities

15 Boma management

16 Culling as a management option


Appendix I: Suggested A3080 dosages (Raath)

Appendix II: Dosage rates for carnivores (McKenzie)

Appendix III: Tranquillisation dosages for African game species (McKenzie)

Appendix IV: Tranquillisation dosages for African game species (Ebedes)

Appendix V: Recommended restraint and antidote dosages for the Nile crocodile (McKenzie)

Appendix VI: Current research (La Grange)

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