National Parks & Nature Reserves Of South Africa

National Parks & Nature Reserves Of South Africa

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Stuart's Field Guide To National Parks & Nature Reserves Of South Africa


Author: Stuart/Stuart
Format: Paperback
Published: January 2018

A must-have guide to South Africa’s famously diverse and richly populated parks and reserves.

Stuarts’ Field Guide to National Parks & Nature Reserves of South Africa is an indispensable guide to the country’s best and most accessible conservation areas. Written by two prominent conservationists, this new edition (with slight name change) has been thoroughly revised and updated.

Each of the 43 featured reserves - arranged by province - includes:

  • Information on the history, location, landscape, geology, vegetation and wildlife
  • Text panels covering highlights, climate and facilities
  • A detailed map indicating places of interest and top viewing spots

The book includes more than 900 colour photographs and a pictorial ID-guide at the back that features commonly seen birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, flowers and trees