Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers

Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers

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Kruger National Park: Questions & Answers


Author: Fourie/van der Linde
Format: Paperback
Published: March 2014

Kruger National Park – Questions & Answers is a compilation of the questions most frequently asked by visitors to the Park, and their answers, given by a seasoned game park official.

This new edition has been expanded, and reflects management decisions and changes that have occurred since the last edition appeared in 1992. It is packed with information on topics ranging from animals and their behaviour, ecology and poaching, to accommodation, activities, history of place names, safety, and code of conduct.

The text is easy-to-read, combining leisure and education, making it a highly entertaining companion in the vehicle.

Species sections are enlivened by simple illustrations, and two maps illustrate the ecozones and layout of the Park.

This book is ideal for both guides and visitors to the Kruger National Park.