Common Wild Flowers Of Table Mountain

Common Wild Flowers Of Table Mountain

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Common Wild Flowers Of Table Mountain And Silvermine


Author: Clarke/Mackenzie/Merry
Format: Paperback
Published: October 2013

Common Wild Flowers of Table Mountain has proved tovbe a valuable guide for flower-lovers, hikers and mountainvclimbers who wish to know more about the flowers theyvencounter on their outings. Now expanded to take in the expansive Silvermine reserve, and generally updated for the entire area, this new edition will appeal to an even wider market.

It offers:

  • Flowers grouped according to colour to enable quick ID
  • Some 260 flowers that can be seen along the way
  • Clear photographs and concise, informative text for each species.
  • A variety of walking routes that crisscross the mountain and reserve, plotted on accompanying route maps

For anyone with an interest in identifying the flowers of the mountain and reserve, this will be an indispensable guide.