Title: Field Guide to Insects of South Africa
Author: Picker/Griffiths/Weaving
ISBN: 9781775845843
Format: Softcover
Price: R 315.00
Published: June 2019

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This trusted best-seller has been comprehensively updated and expanded to feature accounts of over 1,500 species and insect groups. Included are the most common, most economically and ecologically important, interesting and attractive insects in the region.

It features:

  • vivid photographs
  • easy-to-read text
  • detailed accounts covering identifi cation, biology, distribution and related species
  • a helpful introduction detailing the signifi cance, life history, collection and photography of insects, and
  • quick reference guides on the inside covers to facilitate identifi cation.

Entomologists both amateur and professional, students, gardeners, farmers, tourists and anyone with an interest in the natural world will appreciate this illuminating and invaluable guide.