Title: The Birds of Southern Africa & Their Tracks & Signs
Author: Gutteridge
ISBN: 9781431429035
Format: Paperback
Price: R 250.00
Published: February 2020

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This user friendly field guide provides a fresh approach to bird watching in southern Africa. It explores the unique details of the spoor or tracks as well as observing their droppings, their feeding behaviour and their nesting structures.

Its amazing to see how tracks and signs in nature help you to enrich your knowledge of a bird. Some aspects are a simple as knowing the shape of each nest of our different weaver species, or understanding the role of a drum-site in the life of a bearded woodpecker, or even seeing the subtle signs of a Cardinal woodpecker on the various acacia pods that host its larval food.

Birds have not been previously explored in such detail and this book is essential for all bird lovers' bookshelves.